Friday, March 20, 2015

Super Papa

While I was gone for two whole weeks, Will kept up with everything here. On top of the usual, he celebrated Bogdan's fourth birthday, did two music school concerts with our own children and attended one more for our friends, supervised the school list that I left, cleaned our house top to bottom, AND redid our bathroom.

Photo evidence of the latter:

The bathroom was in bad condition, but without before photos, you'll just have to take my word for it. The tall, skinny photo shows white wall space. Before, all of that was icky grey from mildew. Tiles had fallen off the walls, and there was nowhere to put anything. It all looks incredible now.


Anonymous said...

way to go, Papa! great job!
much love, d/b/g

Will said...

Oh, and he worked on registration documentation a bit, too. Very humble, he is, that one. =))))

Mom said...


Baba Julie said...

Very nice, Son! You all work so well together as a team! May the Lord bless you both for your individual efforts to make it all work! Love you all!