Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Milestones for Asya

Asya finished her learning-to-read book! It has seemed like we have gone really slowly with it, so she's actually been reading for a while now. She also mixed up the official order of events in our family by getting signed up at the library before she finished. But, anyway, now she's officially a reader. Of course we had to celebrate, just like we did for Jaan and for Raia.

(The crown is because our primer ends with "Конец всему делу венец." I just happened to realize that it's kind of a Shakespeare quote, too: it's one variation of the title "All's well that ends well.")

Also, when Jaan learned to read, Raia had just quit sucking her finger, and we rewarded her for that. Asya is finally reaching that milestone, too! She's getting her own nail polish very soon. We just have to be sure that she really is getting to sleep every night without that finger sneaking in....

And she lost one of her top middle teeth yesterday! She has such a cute, funny smile right now. I'll try to get a photo of that soon.


Mom said...

Congratulations, Asya! Grandda and Baba are so proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep up the good work!!

Much love,
Grandda and Baba

Baba Julie said...

Very good, Asya!! We are also very proud of you! I see you enjoying some things from "the box", too! I am so glad they all got there in one piece!! Happy reading to YOU!! Love, Baba Julie and Granddaddy "How"