Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sad and happy

Last week one of the boys called from the orphanage and told me that two of his friends, boys who I have worked with very closely, had been transferred. And they were transferred, not to the closer, nicer nursing home, but to the far away mental institution where Sergei and Slava are.

Kirill and Sasha enjoying craft time a few months ago
We had actually talked in general about their transfer the Saturday before. I knew they were dreading it, but the staff had been holding on to them for some extra time, and I thought they would be able to do that longer. I also thought that at least Kirill would make it into the nursing home, where the more independent kids go. A very loving orphanage worker had really been trying to prepare him for that. I don't know what happened, but I've definitely been mourning their departure.

It's also been very hard to see those who are left behind. Saturday was a really fun visit (more below), but the little boys left in Kirill and Sasha's group just couldn't get into the fun. One in particular just kept shaking his head and saying, "They took our boys." And that was already several days after it had happened; he was still in shock. Our own children, especially Jaan and Raia, are having a hard time with this, too. Today Jaan wrote a sweet letter to Kirill, since Kirill can read some. I'll send that soon and pray that it makes it to him and is a comfort. Jaan is also asking if he can go the next time I visit out there; I don't know if that would be wise or possible, but it's something to consider....

But then the happy part: instead of my usual Saturday morning orphanage visit, I went out after nap time. I took our computer and internet and set up Skype to call Oksana in America. Because I didn't know in advance if it would work, I hadn't even mentioned it to the kids. But it did work, and it actually worked really well. I went from bed to bed and let everyone say hi, and then set up at a table for more people to talk with her for longer. I think everyone was encouraged, all around. We certainly all had fun talking!

Oksana will be coming back to Ukraine for the summer, because of her visa and a gap in her treatment. I would really like to find a place for her to stay with Christians in Kherson, instead of having to go back to the nursing home in Kakhovka. Please pray that I would be able to find the perfect situation for her. There are a lot of factors that make that complicated, but I know God is able.

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Baba Julie said...

That is very sad about the boys. But, how wonderful that they were so loved. We will be praying that they will be treated and loved as well at this new, not very nice place. And, how sweet that Jaan wrote an encouraging note. It shows his tender heart. Such good news about Oxsana! We will also be praying that you find a place for her w/ Christians in Kherson for her Summer stay. Love to each of you!