Monday, April 06, 2015

Pascha preparation

When the West has already celebrated Easter, we're finally settling down to prepare for it ourselves. We just started the week-long version of Lenten Lights (in Russian*), yes, a bit late, but with lots of enthusiasm. The almonds and figs you can see in the photos were a Holy Experience idea.

Afterwards, and after we had sung what Asya was calling serious songs, Bogdan requested his own favorite. I got a little bit of video of him singing it. It's "I want to fly like a little butterfly," or his version is more like "Wan' like lil butter' voom."

Also, here's an article about Palm Sunday (yesterday) here in Kherson. Raia ended up in one of the photos, just her back, though. And there's this cute picture of Asya from someone we don't even know on Facebook.

*So excited to see that she's writing about Charlotte Mason now!


Baba Julie said...

So lovely... I love their serious faces. It IS a serious time as we think about what our Lord did for us. So sweet to see them and their pondering. Love you all!

Mom said...

Without the preparation this week offers, it is far too easy to glide into Easter unappreciative of what Christ really has done for us.

You are providing a vital gift for your entire family. Much love....