Monday, January 25, 2016

General update

So, after I last wrote, I got sick. I spent New Year and "Second Christmas" in bed. My family celebrated without me, and I can post some photos of that, but I didn't experience much of it.

But then I did finally get well. On my first day up, we went shopping. A sweet family had sent money for our children to buy Christmas presents for the children at the orphanage. So, we did that and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then Jaan and Raia went with me to deliver the presents. They also got to go to an Agape Christmas program there on a different day, so they got to see their friends several times during the school break, and that made everyone happy all around.

After I got well, the rest of Ukraine got sick. Please pray. There's a terrible flu epidemic going on. The schools are closed, the hospitals are full, public workers are wearing masks, and still people are dying. When we started reading about it, we realised why I had been so sick; no wonder I couldn't move for over a week. But I got over it. Also, the kids at the orphanage are feeling better. Praise God! There were several in the hospital, and I was very worried about them, but they're back to normal now.

At one point, a local pastor and I made a special visit to the orphanage, to check on health and see what we could do to help. We ended up buying lemons, garlic, and fruit for them, since that was what the director asked for specifically.

Then, last week I went to Kyiv for the third session of Agape school. I hope I'll have time to write more about that. It was really good. This session was my favourite so far. Getting there was an adventure, because winter has finally arrived. Our train froze over, and because of the ice everywhere, what should have taken 12 hours ended up being a 20-hour trip. For now, I just have photos of some of the winter beauty we're enjoying here. Agape school photos can come later. (Maybe.)

And that brings us up to now. The school quarantine has been extended for another week, which means Jaan and Raia are free from all group classes at music school, but their own teachers are calling them in for extra lessons. Will says that the teachers must be bored. They're drilling the two of them on duets, and I can't wait to hear the results. The (private) art school is still in session, although Bogdan only had one fellow student in his preschool class there today. And homeschool always goes on, doesn't it?

Oh, Jaan got a new baby rat. Sadly, Bella died, after she recovered from her illness. We miss her, but this new one sure is cute!

There. I think that catches us up with all the news around here.


Baba Julie said...

Thank you for the update and so glad that you are feeling better! We have been praying, but didn't realize that the flu was still so bad in the city! I know the children have enjoyed the extra time off as well as the extra private lessons w/ their music teachers! We love you all and are praying for each one as life returns to normal! Love you!

Mom said...

I echo Baba Julie's comments and wonder if the baby rat has been named. Love y'all.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your article. Love the pictures.