Monday, January 04, 2016

"First Christmas" 2015

(If you're not familiar with how our family talks about and celebrates Christmas, here is a quick explanation of First and Second Christmas. Oh, and this, too.)

This year's December 25th was the warmest Christmas we remember in this part of the world. I would usually be sad not to have snow, but it didn't even bother me this year. Beautiful sunshine and spring-like weather seemed perfect. Now it's cold here, though!

Everything was very traditional, according to our family traditions. Will read to Asya and Bogdan--and Jaan and Raia read to themselves--while I got breakfast ready. After we ate our special breakfast, we went for a nice long, warm walk. (Coats unzipped and even thrown off, on Christmas Day?!?!) We came home to eat again, sing happy birthday to Jesus, and then see Raia off to get ready for her concert. Soon the rest of us also went to the concert, and then left early from there to go straight to church for the girls to get ready with the choir there. While they practiced, we played chess and just enjoyed the quiet and pretty decorations. Then it was time for the special, beautiful Christmas service. And chai afterwards!

Before she went to her concert.
"Bogdan, today is a holiday. No nap!"
"Oh, I forgot."
At the concert
Church, during choir practice

(These two are from Uncle-Kolya-Masha's-Papa.)

Trying for a semi-normal photo of all four
I've been sick, but I think I'll be back on my feet for "Second Christmas." Everyone else is healthy and loving the tiny bit of snow that we have now.


Baba Julie said...

Thanks for the pictures and commentary! So glad you had such a nice Christmas (except for you being sick, of course!). Looks like it was a lot of fun and a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of our Lord! It was also very warm here Christmas day - 76, I think! But, tonight it is to be 21 degrees! So, I think Winter has finally arrived! Love to you all!!

Mom said...

Thank you for sharing; I do hope you are feeling much better now. Our very warm weather has also turned refreshingly cooler (but I can't in good conscience call it cold). Our Christmas candle is still on the kitchen table in honor of your coming Second Christmas. We love all of you.