Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Yesterday was a sad day. My parents left.  But that was after a whole wonderful two weeks together.

This week is set aside for recovering after the whole month and a half of serious busyness that we're just finishing up. As a start to catching up, I'm just storing some photos here from June 4, when Raia and Asya went with their church children's choir to the zoo in Nikolaev. It was their end of the year treat for lots of hard work. Asya's little group was with a friend of mine, so I got photos from her. I don't know that anyone in Raia's group took photos.


Mom said...

We hold memories in our hearts, pictures on our devices (and eventually, hopefully, in albums). Both are precious reminders of our time together and how much we appreciate you and the work you are doing in Ukraine. The beauty of your lives shines.

We love you dearly.

Baba Julie said...

We're so thankful that you all had this wonderful time together! We know how hard it is to leave, also. Thank you for all the pictures that you have all posted and I love these of the zoo trip. Precious! Love you all!!