Monday, June 06, 2016

The power of families

I have been really enjoying photos and videos of one little girl who I knew in the orphanage here and who was adopted by an American family. She's been home with her family for less than a year, and the changes in her are dramatic. I love seeing how she's running barefoot in lovely green grass. (She only got to the point of taking a few steps here; she couldn't walk.) After five years in a crib here, now she's out going to school, ice skating, riding at an amusement park, swimming in her family's new pool, and so much more. She is loved!

There's another girl who had her six month anniversary of coming home a little while ago. I got permission from her mom to repost some photos and stats here. Please read and enjoy that beautiful smiling face:


Baba Julie said...

Praise the Lord! You always say there are so many differences that can be seen when a child is adopted. This is such an example of that! What a blessing! Love you all!!

Mom said...

Glorious transformation.