Thursday, September 15, 2016

Schedules. Ugh.

These past few years I have found Septembers to be so confusing! We love all the opportunities our kids have, and they love all of it, too, of course. But getting everything started up each school year makes my head spin. We're making progress, though; I almost have a schedule mapped out. It's changed even since that screen shot last night, and we still have to add solfeggio, but still, we're getting there.... Before long it will all just flow automatically, and I'll almost forget how crazy these first few weeks were.


Mom said...

Thank you. To see the schedule helps me greatly.

Much love to each of you.

Hu Family said...

yep. Schedules. Ugh. Yep.

Baba Julie said...

Those first weeks of school were always the toughest for me, too, and you are doing it with FOUR and with MUCH more outside activities than my kids did (although, we did PLENTY! (: )! Praying for a GREAT year!! Love to you all!!