Monday, September 12, 2016

What a wonderful trip!

My heart is just so full of thanks for the wonderful trip that I'm just returning from. Several people gave me money for my birthday to use for this trip, and Will really encouraged me to go. Thank you! It was all just so amazing and refreshing and encouraging.

I am not good at selfies, but can you see the background?

I'll probably be writing about all of it as much as I can in the next few days, but we'll see how much that really turns out to be. For now, just a quick summary:
Wednesday--I left on a train to Kyiv.
Thursday--I flew on to Paris, where I had an eight-hour layover that allowed me to see the Eiffel Tower. Then I flew on to London. Getting into London was a bit nightmarish, but I finally got to my hostel in the early morning hours of...
Friday--After a few hours sleep I stumbled out for breakfast, and then went on a walking tour offered by the hostel. I came back and took a nap. Then I went to Evensong at St. Paul's Cathedral. I ate dinner sitting by the Thames, then crossed over to see The Globe, just the outside and the gift store to get something for my birthday boy. Then to the hotel where the Glass family was staying, a little time with them, and off to my hostel and bed. It was an amazing day; I kept feeling like I was dreaming a happy dream.
Saturday--Karen's all-day seminar. Again: amazing. She did a beautiful job of speaking about Charlotte Mason both as a broad overview and in depth. The group of ladies who came to hear her was just wonderful, too. Afterwards, the Glasses and one of the other people who had come to the seminar and I sat and talked--about life, books, Poland, Ukraine, Wales, and much more--for a few more hours over pizza.
Sunday--3 am to the airport. Ugh. I was way early, but still came closer to missing my flight than I've ever done before, just because I was happily sitting at the wrong gate until they paged me at the last moment. Paris. Kyiv. Train.
Monday--Finished reading Mere Motherhood: five thumbs up. Kherson. Home sweet home! School.

So, there are the facts. I know I've read about debriefing after a trip or event should be, "What happened?" and something like "How do you feel about it?" or "What impact did it have on you?" Maybe I can give more details of the first later. (I hope so.) And the second question? We'll see about that, too.


Baba Julie said...

Sounds superb!! I am so happy that you got to do that trip! And, you are so brave... wandering all over by yourself! Of course, all of my "children" amaze me in that way!! I'm worried that we won't know how to use the GPS when we go on our next trip to Costa Rica!! Praise for your good time and safe trip home! Get some rest, if you can! Love, Julie

Mom said...

So thankful you had this trip...and that you are safely back to your beloved ones. We will be eager to hear/read anything more you have time to share. Love YOU.