Monday, February 06, 2017

Friday events

This most recent Friday was the wonderful yearly Christmas celebration for "our" groups at the orphanage. But more about that later. For now, the Friday before that....

I got to go to a regional conference for people who work with orphans. The director of the orphanage was there, too; you can see her in the foreground of this photo--black coat, white-ish hair--and I'm way back in the back, trying to translate into my friend's ear. I pray that it was especially good and interesting for the director to hear what believers are doing in her world. It was all very encouraging for me. Nikolai Kuleba came down from Kyiv to speak, and there were lots of other speakers from this area and beyond.

A view from the 11th floor where the conference was
That same morning Raia woke up and told us that, by the way, she had a concert that day. So, of course we didn't get to go, but she went and played. It was actually two concerts at a local school, for the younger and older classes. Her teacher sent us photos. Here's one:

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Baba Julie said...

How wonderful that you were able to go to that conference, Phyllis! I do hope that encouraged the director, as well.

And, Brava, again, to Raia!! She looks so grown up in that picture and I know she played beautifully!! Our love to all!!