Thursday, November 29, 2018

Odessa, day 3

Again, this goes back to the end of October, even though we're almost at the end of November now.

Our third day in Odessa was for visiting an art museum there. We don't have many photos, because we couldn't take our camera into the museum. We walked there, and then went through the museum. Downstairs it's classic art, mostly Ukrainian. The kids' art teacher told us about some of the artists. Overall everything was very dark. The pictures were beautiful, but they seemed old and maybe dirty, and just dark. Then, upstairs was an exhibit of art that had been repressed. The colours were wildly bright (and the lighting was better), but I didn't see the same beauty as in the older works.

Raia in the museum
Downstairs: Beekeeper
Upstairs: Communism triumphs over religion

Afterwards we just walked back to the hostel, got our luggage, went to the bus station and had a late lunch near there. Then we headed home. The trip back seemed endless, but we finally got home.

And that ends our amazing Odessa trip!

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Mom said...

Thank you for sharing your memories with us. We love you!