Monday, December 03, 2018

Advent of the Lion and the Lamb

Our main Advent book this year is one that I happened to see mentioned online and was able to check out from our digital library: Advent in Narnia. I preread it, because I wanted to make sure it wouldn't take the wonder out of Narnia. (I read a popular book about Narnia early this year, and I thought it was awful to over-analize like that.) This one is full of wonder, though. Of course, we have to reread The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to go with it. My all-time favourite read aloud experience was when I happened to be reading it to our children for the first time at Easter, so that the Narnian Easter corresponded with our Easter. I'm loving it just as much for Advent and Christmas. From the introduction: "My purpose in writing this book is not to help you know Narnia better but to know God better.... I hope that by spending a little time in Narnia this Advent, you will get to know Aslan--and Jesus Christ--better, and to prepare for Jesus' birth at Christmas all the more richly for it."

Then, in the mornings with our school readings, we're also listening to an audiobook of an obscure book (or at least I had never heard of it) just called Advent, or The Good Shepherd by Gunnar Gunnarsson. We're listening and reading in Russian now, but I preread in English.


Funny Advent conversations already overheard (and translated):
A child looking at the December calendar page: "Look! It has the new Christmas!" meaning December 25 (which is new as an official holiday in Ukraine, but still...).
About a song that we know in both Ukrainian and Russian: "What language are we singing in?!" "Surzhyk!"


Mom said...

Wisdom and beauty are expressed here. In keeping the wonder of Advent, you are giving your children an precious gift indeed. Love to all.

Baba Julie said...

Beautiful! I love your Narnia seen and the whole idea of Narnia and Advent together. And, the wonder of "a new Christmas" and singing in mixed languages (Jesus came for us all, after all! (: ). Your explanation brings the bits and pieces we pick up from the children come together for us! The Lord bless you as you continue teaching the children the love and beauty of Christmas!! Love to you all! Baba Julie

Baba Julie said...

"scene" (: