Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Music update

Raia got a second prize from the contest in Nikolaev that her video went to! They sent us this picture:

Jaan says that since she just sent a video to the contest and didn't go herself, she probably only gets a photo of her prize. I think they'll pass it on to us soon, though.

Raia has been too sick to go to music school or anything so far this week. She went to a wonderful youth conference over the weekend, came home without a voice at all, and then got this cold. Today she was supposed to go with the Agape photo project again, but she had to stay home from that, too. She really enjoyed helping with that at a different orphanage last week. Pray for her to get well soon.


Mom said...

Sympathy and prayers for Raia...I have laryngitis which is making communication, especially via telephone, very difficult. Last night's ESL students were very understanding, and we had a great class anyway. I pray that she recovers quickly.

Baba Julie said...

Congratulations to Raia! Way to GO!! And, we do pray that she will feel all better very soon!! Love to you all!