Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Music news

I wrote about the school contest that Asya won a first prize in. The week after that she entered a bigger city-wide contest. She was nervous, and didn't do so well, but it was a good experience. Her American friend won, and her friend from church got third place, so she was very happy anyway.

Then Raia entered a contest by video. If you want to watch that, I uploaded it here. I don't know when we'll hear any results from that. And on Friday she won a school contest. Her teacher posted these pretty photos from that:

There was also this concert that she was in.

Saturday Asya performed with the winds orchestra for the first time. I took her and friend early, so I got to watch them rehearse and then stay for the concert to see them perform. It was great! I posted all four songs they played on Facebook.

And did I ever post this photo?

Jaan is a great teacher for Bogdan. He's very patient. However, he doesn't mind using a brotherly karate chop to keep his little pupil sitting up straight. Somehow the photo just looks like he's gently pushing on Bogdan's back, but it's really more active that that. Both boys are working on learning Christmas music now.


Anonymous said...

I really am interested in the music contests and what your children are doing but I must say that the the thing that grabbed my attention in this post is the signs on the door beside Jaan and Bogdon! LOL! I assume it is a bedroom door and is probably Jaan's (or Raia'a)! Teenagers! LOL! I remember those days well!

Baba Julie said...

Congratulations to Asya and Raia on their many musical activities!! And, you are right, Phyllis. All of these things are good experience, even if you don't place. It gives her confidence and challenge! And, Jaan and Bogdan!! Congratulations to them both!! A "brotherly karate chop"!! That's hysterical!! (And, probably effective!! (: ) Love to you all!!