Friday, May 25, 2007


First meal in our new apartment
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We're almost moved into our new apartment and dacha. We slept downstairs last night and woke up to a wonderful problem: we were cold! It was so much better than the fifth-floor heat!

I'm sitting on the floor typing. When I'm done, Will is going to move the computer downstairs, too. That means no more easy internet for a while now. I still plan on updating here once a week or so. Email will be possible again when we get our laptop back. Until then, feel free to email us (please write!), but don't hold your breath waiting for a quick answer. Also, please be careful not to send big files, forwards, or photos.

"See" you later!

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Mrs said...

Gee Phyllis! I hope you are on line again soon. I'm having cute kids in Russia withdrawls! Hopefully, your morning sickness is better and you're spending all your time playing in the dirt.