Saturday, August 11, 2007

Forgot the camera

We left the camera at home this week, but Will got it when he ran into town on Thursday, so there are a few photos from the past week.

Raia finds a cucumber
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Her first two cucumbers!
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I say they're hers, because she helped plant the seeds and she's been watering and watching them all along.

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Raia snapping beans
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With Pavlik
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. . . dividing the loot after raiding the pea patch.

I quote my own children's funny sayings, so I'll quote Pavlik, too:
he and Jaan were racing around the outside of the house. Pavlik won, but he was kind enough to say, "I'm the very firstest! And you're the very secondest!" (It doesn't translate all that well. Sorry.) Jaan was thrilled to be "very second."

Yesterday I announced that the vegetable soup we were eating came from our garden. Jaan looked up, puzzled, and asked, "Where did we plant soup?" (When we discussed more, it turned out that he did understand that I meant the vegetables were from our garden. He wanted to know where the broth came from and how it grew.)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I LOVE all the veggie and children pictures! Raia looks so proud! And, I LOVE the color Will is using to paint! The green is beautiful! Love you all!! Baba Julie PS It's Happy Birthday to Grandaddy today!

Mrs said...

I have to agree with Baba Julie. That green is beautiful!

Laughed aloud at the soup plant! I think all gardens should have them.

Alissa Maxwell said...

You guys look great, Phyllis! Such healthy kids - all those veggies. I'm now officially blogging to post pics of Owen for the family. It's "maxwell house moments" (all one word) on blogspot.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love all the new pictures! Well and the not so new ones cause I guess it's been too long since I was on your page. Jaan and Raia just keep getting cuter and cuter! But I want to see a picture of you...please? How pregnant do you look? Are you showing much? Miss you! xoxo