Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy birthday to Will!

Today is Will's birthday. He's working at the church all day, so we took a cake to him there.

Tonight we're going out to dinner to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Bolshoi Birthday Greetings Vill!

hope your day is special--it sure was for me 32 years ago. Think I'm feeling old all of a sudden...

Enjoy your outing tonight!


Lindy said...

What a special cake delivery! Have a great dinner (it's probably over by now!). Happy Birthday,
Love, Aunt Lindy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Son! I'm sorry we couldn't sing to you today, but so glad that you could help with the work at the church. Love you! Mom

Anonymous said...

We add our best wishes to those already posted. (And you can be thankful that we aren't singing to you!)

With loving thoughts,
Phil and Kathy

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday and Many Years to Will!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your first in Ukraine!!

Laura T. :)

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd tell you, Will... Abby and I celebrated with you by going to Dairy Queen! Yum! Love, again! Mom

Matt Icardi said...

Happy Birthday Will!!!!!!(sorry this is late)

Hope ya had a good one!!!! How's the family doing? Hopefully everyone's doing pretty good!!!

Matt I.