Monday, July 07, 2008

Yozhik photos

I posted that one photo of our hedgehog, who is so creatively named Yozh, but I never got back to giving you some better pictures. Here are a few now. There was some discussion of what we should feed him in the comments back there. This first photo shows the egg addict in action:

This is from all the way back when Will first found Yozh: the children's first meeting with him, when they woke up the next morning and found their big surprise. Asya is still convinced that he's some kind of prickly kitten, and really wants to get her hands on him. (She LOVES kittens.)

Just a few mornings ago, one of my helpers dropped an egg, so we scooped it up, fried it, and then they ran off to feed it to Yozh.

Yes, I picked Asya up to let her watch, too, right after I took the photos.

The latest excitement has been discovering that Yozh does in fact eat bugs. We're now spending most of our outdoors time searching for beetles and such. Jaan took a little box to church yesterday and seriously explained to everyone that he was looking for bugs for his pet hedgehog.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of Mr. Hedgehog! He is SO CUTE!! Is that as big as he/she will get? Does he hiss or chug like a train? (The Bargerons had one we kept for them when they went on vacation and that guy sounded just like a train!)

Ummm... I do think the watching snails and thinking that's relaxing is VERY interesting!!!! (: Love to all! Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

the hedgehog is so cute! what else does it eat? does it get through a lot of food a day?

Phyllis said...

Yes! He hisses and chugs (and a whole lot more). I'm glad to hear that another one does that. I've been worried that ours has lung cancer or something, because he coughs and hacks so much. But he seems healthy, other than all the weird noises. The Bargerons have a hedgehog?

Yozh eats EGGS, some meat, Russian oatmeal cookies, birthday cake, and BUGS. Contrary to all stories and cartoons, he does not drink milk. :-)