Monday, October 27, 2008

Counting blessings

I really enjoyed a recent post on Holy Experience. Now I have a new note hanging over the sink. It's a butterfly-shaped paper that says
"Which way to go?
Towards joy!"

721. A new little playmate outside
722. Feeling lonely and then having a mother of three stop to introduce herself as they walked by us!
723. Yellow ash trees, almost bare now
724. These beautiful, beautiful days
725. A horse! Right there, when we stepped outside this morning
726. Asya saying "ow-ow-ow!" about the horse
727. The babushka who stopped, when we were the only ones out on the playground, enjoying a beautiful morning. She smiled at Asya wobbling around and said, "You need to photograph this." I nodded. She went on, "Just to stop time, keep the whole moment." And then she went on, smiling. Unusual babushka.
728. Maple helicopters, floating down
729. Липа helicopters, even better