Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm enjoying each day so much! Yesterday was just a regular day, but it was so much fun. I don't have any photos from the morning, so I'll give you a few that Julie took when she was here, because they're similar.

We went outside, and there were several clean leaf piles right across from our door.  It was a little later than we usually get out, and all three children were completely wound up from being stuck inside.  They attacked those leaf piles like crazy things.  Even Asya was throwing leaves around.  Jaan and Raia were plowing leaves. . . with their heads!  I just stood by and laughed and laughed and laughed.  To make up for lost time, we also ate lunch outside.  The weather was so perfect!  At the last minute before meltdown, we came in for naps.

After naps, Jaan and Raia begged to paint.  We had fun with that, but when Jaan had finished several masterpieces, he explained that what he really wanted was to point himself like a Papua New Guinean child.  Hmm.  I quickly looked up face paint recipes, but couldn't find anything simple that we could make with what we had.  So, I made up my own recipe, and it worked wonderfully!  Jaan very carefully copied a design he had seen in one of his books.  Raia started smearing and quickly became one of the Goroka mud men.  Asya. . . well, she tried to eat the paint.

(Their responses were rather typical.  Jaan has to analyze anything new, and he's very careful.  Raia dives in.  Asya is just hungry.  Hopefully that's only a stage she's going through.   It will be interesting to see how her personality develops.  I think I would expect her response to be laugh at it, or stand off to the side and watch it?)

Without further ado, PNG pictures:

(I was going to include one of Asya with her spoon, pacifier and body paint, too, but the computer is being weird again.)


Mom said...

Oh Phyllis, what joy you bring to my day! The leaf photos eloquently express fall (Thank you, Julie!), and the face and body painting brings back memories of children from three families decorating themselves and you in proper PNG style. To be willing to enter into your children's lives by providing such opportunities to explore their desires--that is a gift beyond measure.

Thank you for sharing your day with us. Much love....

Mrs said...

How can you stop from squeezing them all the time! They're SO ADORABLE! I love that Jaan wanted to paint himself PNG style. I have a Raya, too! Just jumps right in and instructions will come later, if needed. ;-) I've yet to have one who eats everything, not even my teen boy.

Crystal said...

Cute kids! =)
Nice fall backround
Check out my blog to see your award!!!

Baba Julie said...

Hi! Granddaddy said he particularly enjoyed the pictures of the leaves and wishes he was there to play with them!

I LOVED the Tribal (PNG) Ukranian children! That was VERY funny!! I thought Raia's colors were more attractive, however!! Green woman!! Love to all, Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

I think maybe someone is a little bit color-blind, or maybe just not fully awake! The tub is green, and Raia's body paint is blue. Thanks for the great photos! much love,


Baba Julie said...

Oh, yes! I see that now! Thanks, D/B/G!! I just love ALL the color!! Love you all! Baba Julie

Monica said...

How hilarious! I so happy for yall that you get to enjoy these wonderful children in your life. What a blessing.

May the Lord bless you and give you peace!