Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's been a really long time since I've written down any of the funny things our children say. I think they've been saying too many for me to keep up with! Here are just a few recent ones:

Sorry, this one is only funny for Russian speakers. Jaan has been saying "мне думается."

Recently Jaan woke up in the morning and told me, "I couldn't sleep at all. I felt tickles all night. And not pleasant tickles like people do. It was probably CROCODILE TICKLES. Yes, it felt like a crocodile. He probably lives under my bed." He's been praying that the crocodiles won't tickle him any more every night before bed.

Will gave Raia a few gummy candies. Her response: "Thank you! I love these. They swim like this in the sea." (And she waved her hands back and forth "like this.") What? They're jellyfish, of course!

Raia comes out into the kitchen with her doll:
Raia: "Mama, this is my baby."
Me: "Then I must be her grandmother."
Hilarious shocked look from Raia.
Raia: "No, you're not that old! Let's just be friends."

The asters and chrysanthemums are blooming all around our building. Asya would love to tear them all up, so I've been teaching her "don't touch with your hands; smell with your nose." On Sunday there was a picture right down at her level in the Sunday school room. It was an almost unbearable temptation for her. I told her, "Don't touch with your hands!" So, she leaned forward and smelled it.

This is more cute than funny. Asya isn't talking yet, but she loves animals. In her language cats say something like "ow-ow-ow." And so do dogs, horses, cows, etc!

And a silly photo:


Mom said...

Thank you for recording the little joys of daily life for us.

We love you all....

Mrs said...

"You're not that old! Let's just be friends." I love it!

Laura :) said...

That is too sweet! I love the way Asya smelled with her nose! I guess she figured what you were going to say next! LOL!

Laura T. :)

Baba Julie said...

That was TOO FUNNY! I have been laughing hysterically!! Jaan is taking after his father with his not sleeping thing!! But, I don't remember any "tickles". Will was usually "swimming around his room". I am also SO glad that Raia does not think you are old enough to be a grandmother and are young enough to be her friend! Love y'all! Baba Julie

MissElaineous said...

Sorry to hear about the crocodile tickles! I hear they are especially bad this time of year in the Ukraine.

Yes, I've just taken up with blogging. We'll see how long it lasts.

Anna said...

haha. I love Jaan's comment. I think I shall say it , also, as it's very necessary for one to think. Perhaps I should stick нужно in there? =-)

Phyllis said...

Anna, he means something more like "мне кажется." "Мне думается что...." :-)

icardi said...

That's funny! Got to love the kids:) Raia looks so old.
Hahahha...yes...true Phyllis you're not that old!