Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lenten Lights

Asya and I are home with runny noses today. After church Will, Leetra, Jaan and Raia went out to visit some friends in the village of Vidnozheno. Asya's not really too sick, but she couldn't have handled skipping her nap. So, she's napping here. And while she sleeps, I was able to get ready for the first reading of Lenten Lights. My arrangement looks pretty, and it would probably work in a house with no children, but it's a little too precarious to last long here. I'm sure I'll be rearranging it.  It was incredibly fun and strange to set it all up by myself, no questions, no "help."  You can see what I have now: seven candles, thorn branches, pussy willows around the Palm Sunday candle, a purple ribbon, and the first reading printed out and mounted on a purple card.  Knowing how little ones love repetition, I'm sure we'll be rereading that card all week.

I would love to hear how you prepare for and celebrate Easter in your homes!

UPDATE: Here's the new child-friendly version:
The "candle holders" are actually glued down. The thorns are up higher; Jaan and Raia love that they make a cross now.

A close up of the new "candle holders" that Will got for me :
Pretty, eh?

We didn't get to do our first reading last night, because everyone got back so late, so we'll start tonight. Tonight is also Leetra's last night with us. Al least we have the great memories of starting this with her! (and so much more!)


A day in the life... said...

ohhh ~ I love it Phyllis! I was actually working on something like that today and needed some inspiration! What did you use for the candlesticks?? just sand? I haven't seen pussy willows out yet - we woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow. Oh and the pic of your precious gopher is HILARIOUS!! seriously you should enter in a photo contest.. such wonderful days of memories being made! :) love to all your clan and Congratulations on Women's Day :)

Phyllis said...

Susan, I just had yogurt cups, filled with пшено. Bad idea! I'm still not done sweeping it up. Crumpled paper in the yogurt cups worked better, but shot glasses are best. :-)

I miss snow! And I had given up on finding pussy willows in this treeless steppe. But then I discovered them at our dacha! There's a little bush, right in the corner of our property. That was a special gift. You'll probably get some before Palm Sunday.