Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reflections of Lenten Lights

My favorite photo from last week

We started on the second reading from Lenten Lights tonight.  Honestly, I've been surprised by how much Jaan and Raia are understanding.  It's mostly straight Scripture, which is of course good for them, but I thought it might be over their heads.  The candles are a good visual for them, though.  You should have seen the shock on their faces when the first candle went out last week! Asya enjoys it all, too, even though she doesn't understand; she wants to sing (howl?) through the whole reading and blow out the candles.  Almost every night we have reread the first selection, and they are definitely thinking about it and asking questions. We're also learning to sing Путь к Голгофе далёк, and they're all really trying.   Another side benefit is that I've had some of the neighbor children asking me about what we're doing.  I never would have thought of that aspect.  However, the candles are in our window, and they're pretty visible from the street, even by day.  Easter is the biggest religious holiday of the year in this part of the world, so pray with us that we would take advantage of the opportunities to discuss the true meaning of it with others.


Baba Julie said...

That's very exciting! We will be praying with you for fruit, not only in your family, but with others, as well! And, I'm sure Asya just thinks it's another opportunity to "howl" Happy Birthday for someone!(: Love y'all!

Wendy said...

This is just beautiful...a fullness the children will bring with them into adulthood. thank you for sharing.