Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Leetra dacha day

(We've had snowy dacha days and sunny dacha days. . . can you say Leetra dacha day? )

Remember my sprouts? I was a little worried about them, with the snow and cold that we've had lately, but look at them now!

(None of our greenhouse setups worked, at least, no seeds sprouting yet.)

Jaan climbs up to watch our neighbor feed his bees

Trimming the grape vines
The beekeeping neighbor also gave us a lesson on how to trim the grape vines.  Jaan and Raia listened intently and then set to work.

Asya and her blanket
I tuck it into her hood, or else she'd be dragging it around in the dirt.

We went for a walk and saw waxwings!
Actually, I dragged Leetra away from the stove long enough to go for one walk with her, while the children napped.  She and I saw a rabbit!  We also saw woodpeckers and jays.  Later Will and I took Jaan and Raia out to see if we could find the huge group of jays again.  We didn't, but we saw a flock of Bohemian waxwings.

For those of you who are asking for photos, here are all the rest from our dacha day, and here are some more.  I tried to put more on here, and I can't get them to go now.


Mom said...

Every photo makes me smile.

Thank you for putting such effort into posting.

Much love....

Lindy said...

Definitely tulips! I love it when the waxwings move through in their large groups. I'm glad you are getting sunny days for the Florida girl. We are back in the snowy north after a nice vacation and visit with your mom and dad. Enjoy each day I'm sure the visit will go quickly.

Baba Julie said...

Thank you for the pictures! They are so special! It still looks pretty cold there! The waxwings haven't swooped down on our holly yet, but I expect them any day! And, yes, your "sprouts" sure look like tulips to me! I have one bud on a daffodil and my Flaming Azalea is just dying to bloom!! Love to all! Julie

Laura :) said...

Is this Leetra's first trip overseas? I am curious as to what she thinks about life in Ukraine?

I enjoyed seeing all the pics!

Laura T. :)