Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunny dacha day

We spent Monday at our dacha.  In spite of a grey forecast and a wet start to the day, we had sunshine!  You should see the forecast we had for the week.  (Laura inspired me to capture it.)  I'm glad it was wrong.  The sun is breaking through a little today, too.


Asya discovers something she likes
A yummy plant!  We found mint.  I'm working on teaching her that she can eat this plant, and not others.  We're getting there.  So far, she'll ask me: point to a plant and say, "Nyum?"  It helps that there aren't too many to choose from yet.

Something I like!
It's a mystery plant, but I think it should be some kind of flower.

Planting seeds

Watching a ladybug

The day's work
It's a little early to plant.  We have some cold nights coming up.  Still, I wanted to try.  We planted sorrel under a window, and we made mini-greenhouses out of bottles to cover some green onion and morning glory seeds.  We'll see what happens.  Also, do you see that row of parsley to the side of where the girls are standing?  It survived under the snow!

Jaan really was with us.  I think he was just moving too fast the whole time.  I didn't catch him in a single photo.  He worked hard to help Will clear weeds and start pruning trees.


Mom said...

Hooray for Dacha Day! What joy to see your earth beginning to bear fruit! Probably by the time Leetra is with you, there will be even more sprouts--maybe even some of the seeds you have planted.

Baba Julie said...

What fun! It will be exciting to see what comes up and how your garden will grow! Love, Julie

Joel said...

if you are in the same climate zone as us, that stuff coming up may be lilies (our daylilies are peeking through) or daffodills/ narcissus. but it could be something totally different. you should mark it with a stick and take a picture every week or so you can see it progress and then you could put it in a book.

Jill Willeke said...

I sure miss dacha days. I am so glad that you have a dacha to go to. It was such a blessing to us in Ivanovo and made us feel really Russian! People were always surised that Americans liked going to the dacha. May your garden grow lots of fun things!