Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I wrote this way back at the beginning of December, and it never made it out of Drafts.  I was going to list some current gifts, but it was really fun to find these!  So, that's one gift:

676. Remembering gifts received earlier

. . . and then on to sharing older ones:

“It has been coming to me of late, that our Master’s words about gathering up the fragments that nothing be lost, may touch more than life’s loaves and fishes. I think I must gather some Love-fragments up, and give them to you, or the wind of Forget may blow them away to Oblivion.”
--From Sunrise Land, page 74

677. November, painted in blue and brown

678. December ahead of us, all bright and sparkly (at least in my mind.  In real life, it's rather grey right now.)
679. Grey weather that makes us want to snuggle in and prepare for Jesus' birthday!
680. Another sighting of the Jay: this time Will saw it, too.
681. The jewel-like beauty of pomegranates (Yes, I am thankful for the color and flavor, even with the whole kitchen is splattered with bright juice and my children have mysteriously changed color.)
682. Thankfulness from little hearts
683. Relatives coming to visit
684. Bright sunlight, glowing through fall leaves

685. Little helpers, putting away the stroller all by themselves. That's a big job!
686. Little applesauce helpers, sawing away with butter knives
687. Asya's hugs