Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today's bird

We saw a new bird today!  It's actually not a great birding day.  We went out for a long walk and didn't see anything.  Then, when we were heading back in, a very mixed flock of little birds stopped us.  I would have liked to have camped out there for a while with binoculars and a bird book, but everyone was tired and cold.  The one new bird that I was able to identify for sure was a Hawfinch (Дубонос - детям очень нравится название ).  With such a mixed group of birds, the flashes of pink, yellow, white, brown and black as they all flew off were pretty amazing!

Will took the photo below.  You can see what kind of day it is here.  Actually, that's the kind of day we've been having for a few weeks now.  That's still ice way out there, though.


Baba Julie said...

Hi, Phyllis! The Hawfinch kind of reminds me of a Cedar Waxwing! The Goldfinches here are getting their bright colors back! So pretty! And, they had a Red tailed Hawk on the 43rd floor of One Wachovia today! They called the Raptor Center (or Rapture Center as the security guys reported!!) to come catch it and take it back to rest. It got under that vaulted dome and couldn't get out!! Love y'all! Julie

Agape said...

That's so neat, Phyllis. I admire your love of nature and your keen observation! What a gift you have.