Sunday, February 01, 2009

A snowy dacha day

These are actually from a few weeks ago.  All the snow is gone now. I really enjoyed the endless Fall here, but I'm not so sure that I want early Spring to go on for so long. True, the mud isn't knee-deep like in Russia, but it's pretty soggy out. And there's no sunshine or warmth for anything to start growing yet. Just no snow. Weird.

I've heard various jokes about Florida (and North Carolina) along the lines of having four seasons: Humid, Hot, Hotter and Christmas, or something like that.  I think south-eastern Ukraine has three seasons: Swamp, Desert and Christmas.

But back to photos. . . these are from a beautiful, snowy, sunny day at our dacha a few weeks ago.  Will had moved the wood stove from the chicken house inside, and we tested it out.  Much better with a happy baby and a way to warm up!  (Remember last time we froze and Asya was miserable?)

Getting ready to go

Climbing up to the dacha

Enjoying the snow

Bringing in wood

Hot chocolate and Ukrainian
(Asya was asleep on the bed, under that pair of old jeans.)

He toasted his socks!

On the way home


Mom said...

What a delight to see all of you enjoying the dacha!

How soon does spring planting begin?

Love you!

Baba Julie said...

I love the pictures of the snow! What a blessing to have the dacha! And, I must disagree with the assessment of NC seasons!! We do have all FOUR!! Our FALL and SPRING are to die for! Winter has it's own beauty and even a little snow! (Maybe a few flakes tomorrow, as a matter of fact!) And, summer is the "hope it's not TOO hot" time!! Love you all!!

Phyllis said...

Baba Julie, I know FL and NC have seasons! (Just read what I wrote in my 25 things on Facebook.) I was talking about JOKES that people tell. Florida has incredible, subtle seasons.

Rachel said...

Fl doesn't have fall. it is very sad. our trees look the same all year. when we finally get into the 70's, it is december. so i'd say that fl has three: not-too-hot spring, when our backyard is BEAUTIFUL!!!, way-to-hot summer, and warm-cold-warm-cold winter. that is, cold for we floridians.