Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jaan's 6!


Mom said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jaan!

Last night I was remembering the phone call that told us of your arrival--what a joyous announcement that was! We have delighted to watch your growth over these six years and cannot believe how big you are.

We love you dearly,
Grandda and Baba

Mrs said...

Happy birthday, Jaan! And happy trails on your new bike!

Raquel said...

That is quite the cake back there! ;) Cool bike Jaan! Happy birthday!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! That is quite the bicycle! I still remember my first bike when I turned six. His is a lot cooler! :)

The FL Icardis said...

Happy 6th Birthday Jaan!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Did you know you were getting a bike? Are you going to name your bike? We wish we could be there to celebrate!!
We love you,

The Icardis