Monday, September 21, 2009

Ugly-beautiful thanks

holy experience

I was going to write about how inspiring Ann V.'s post last week was. (Do go read it for inspiration! That's what I want for my life, my home, my family.) But we had a rather messy evening, and now I need to find the beauty in the ugliness. This is more along the lines of the ugly-beautiful that Ann has also written so much about.

Tonight, I am thankful for:
533. The kind lady who brought Jaan up when he was hurt
534. A sweet Papa, gently taking care of Jaan so that I didn't have to see the blood
535. A sense of humor that lasted through the whole crazy evening
536. Worried sisters, petting Jaan's head
537. Big boy who really wanted Mama hugs tonight, when he hurt
538. I am thankful that his injury, while very painful, really isn't serious.
539. I am thankful that the local homeless man comes to us when he needs a kitchen to use (even if it means fish scales and fish smell everywhere).
540. I am thankful for our sweet little girls, chattering away with "Uncle A." while he cleaned his fish
541. I am also thankful that another friend is still around, and that he also came to us with his problems tonight.
542. I am thankful for the way God is working in that friend's life, even though things look very ugly there right now.
543. I am thankful that God gives Will wisdom to know how to help (and what not to do).
544. And now I am thankful for quiet and a bed that I can fall into.

Thank you, Lord!


Maria said...

Hope Jaan is okay!
What gratefulness there is here!
God bless you in all you do~
ps ... love your last one... yes, I say that every night... but I must write it down... for that cozy bed!

Baba Julie said...

Yes! We will be praying that Jaan heals quickly!! Was this a bicycle accident? Excited to be seeing you all soon!! Hugs to all!

deb said...

oh... you say so much in these gifts you share. What a beautiful mamma you must be.

Linda said...

Your list is such a blessing - filled with a heartfelt gratitude in all things.
I pray that all will be well with your son.

NIKKI said...

Saw your status on Face Book last week but didn't understand what had happened to Jaan until reading about his accident. Hope he is doing much better and is healing well.
Your thanks list was a blessing to read-Thank you!