Monday, September 14, 2009

Thankful for water!

(I wrote this last week, and then forget to click "Publish."  Oops!)

holy experience

I didn't get to tell you about my wonderful new sink that Will set up just before our guests came.  I'm so thankful for it!  (The water comes from the shower tank.) That's the thank you I was just thinking about:

545. A dacha sink!
546. And that got me thinking about other water-related thanks. I'm so thankful that we've reached the end of the dry, desert summer!
547. Rain
548. The green that's going to be springing up, now that the rains have started
549. Hot showers at our apartment
550. Cold showers on hot days at our dacha
551. Swimming days (drawing to a close now, but a favorite part of summer here)
552. Baths
553. Our fish and our frog

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