Monday, November 09, 2009

Bouquet of thanks

holy experience

Here's just one little bouquet from a day on my journey "to make my life a vase, filled with the beauty of thanksgiving."* I offer it up to the One who gave it to me, the One who created all the beauty that still surrounds us in this grey November.

In this bouquet, I'm thankful for
506. fiery maple leaves
507. purple grasses
508. yellow flowers with velvety grey leaves
509. midnight-blue berries on red stems
510. discarded peachy chrysanthemums
511. dark red grape leaves
512. cashmere sweater, a second hand store find from a husband who loves me!

*I'm quoting Ann V. there. Please go over to her blog, for beautiful words about thanksgiving and beauty.


Baba Julie said...

It's beautiful, Phyllis! I blew it up from my email alert and the colors were breathtaking! Thanks for sharing! Love, Julie

Mom said...


Loving you....