Monday, November 16, 2009

Children's thanks

holy experience

We've been adding to "Thanksgiving Trees" almost every night this month. (A skipped evening--too late getting home--led to cries of, "But Mama, we want to be thankful!" ) This is what the leaves say so far:

489. Gaia (Asya's blanket)
490. New (to us) clothes
491. Family
492. Gaia
493. Bunk beds
494. Snow
495. Stories
496. Gaia
498. Cartoons
499. Princess dress
500. Gaia
501. Sofia
502. Playing "dogs" together
503. The Pants
504. Glue (Asya's current second favorite thing)

505. And I'm so thankful for our children and their thankfulness!


Anna said...

SOOOOOOO cute!!! I take it that Asya is thankful for gaia every night? =-)

Baba Julie said...

And,SWEET!!! Yes, I think gaia gets top billing!! Love y'all!

Misty said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea. We are doing I slightly different version here and having lots of fun gluing our leaves on our tree.