Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our bedroom

Way back when we first moved in here, I posted before and after pictures of our apartment.  I never got to the bedrooms in that.  Here, finally, are some "after" photos of our room.  This one below matches up with what we showed at first:

We used one of the excess shkafs as a wall to divide off a little office nook at the entrance to our bedroom. This was actually something that we did right at first; I just never posted photos of it.

And then on into our bedroom. . . .

A few weeks ago we bought ourselves a mattress.  Now it looks like we have a real bed!  And the top really is real!  Of course, we just had to plop the mattress down on top of the old couch that was already there, plus a door and some stools, but you can't see that.  And with the curtains that Will got at the second hand store, and the wonderful Kovrov picture that Anna gave us on the wall, it all actually looks coordinated!  You could even say that it looks like someone planned the colors.

Now I just have to show you the children's room.  There were some big changes in there not too long ago, as well. . . .

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Baba Julie said...

Phyllis! It looks BEAUTIFUL!! Just in time for the gray winter days, you have a very nice new look! How fun! Love you! Julie