Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve and electricity

Yes, they are related. Somewhat.

Thursday evening the church here had a really nice Christmas Eve tea (even though that Christmas isn't celebrated much here. Our pastor in Moscow used to joke that the Bible says "rejoice, and again I say rejoice," which of course means that we're supposed to celebrate both Christmases! The church here seems to take that view, too.) I mentioned it, but didn't have room to put photos up last time I wrote. Here are two:

Holding baby Yasha

It was a really nice evening: fellowship, tea, singing, poems, pretty decorations. There were candles on the tables, and they got put to good use. That day the electricity went out at church. There have been problems before, because of new houses going up next to the church, but now the electricity is completely gone.

So, since then Will and the other men from church have been out digging every day, trying to find the old electric cable and getting ready to put down a new one in a different place. On Monday they dug in the rain, but today was a beautiful day, so we went out to see. A few photos:

Jaan really wanted to help!

He was thrilled that there was an extra shovel.

They dug 26 meters today!


Julie said...

Eegads! That is a lot trench. Did they find the line?

Baba Julie said...

That was my question! I sure hope they found the line with all that digging!! Boy, what we take for granted here!!!