Sunday, December 13, 2009

Second week of Advent

If you didn't see it already, I also wrote about the first week. This week continued on, in the same way.

Raia's turn to open the envelope

That night, the picture didn't fit in the envelope. Raia found a picture of one of our children's books (written by a friend ), instead. Then, when she found the book and opened it, the ornament was waiting inside.

Reading about Jacob

They wanted to get dressed up and dance one night.

Jaan's turn

We decorated a cup to collect money for Jesus' birthday present.

Oksana read to us about Rahab.

Samuel anointed David with oil that probably smelled good, so we sprayed cologne on our oil horns, after coloring them.

Letting Papa smell

Last night, as they were working on decorating crowns to remind us of King David, Jaan and Raia agreed that "This was such a good day! We played all day, a friend came over, chicken nuggets for dinner, and then we got to glue beads onto a crown!" It's the simple things in life that count.

Look at all that glue!
(And those cute little fingers!)


Mom said...

Thank you for sharing the delight and beauty of your simple things--including precious dimpled fingers covered in glue.

Much love...

Baba Julie said...

Thank you, Phyllis! What a wonderful job you do, preparing the children for the birth of our Lord! Love you all!!