Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Our trip in photos, Part 1

As you know, we went to Odessa to celebrate Thanksgiving with Will's sister. First we had a long train ride to get there. Usually we have done night trains; this was day AND night. It was fun, though. We spent the time. . .

Coloring Thanksgiving pictures

Making Thanksgiving crafts

running off that food, and finally sleeping.

Then we got to Tyotya Anna. We had a nice quiet day with her.

She painted Raia's fingernails.

The next day we celebrated Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful meal and time of fellowship, hosted by a couple Anna serves with.

Story time with our host
Raia was covering her nose, because John was holding his nose to make a funny voice. I took the photo just a moment too late to catch that.

A real sword!

Tyotya Anna with our girls

Zhenya with Jaan
Zhenya used to come to Russia to work at summer camps with us. I really don't think Jaan could remember him from that, but Jaan sure likes Zhenya!

Memories of my childhood
I had to take this photo, because my grandmother always had olives at special meals, and we always put them on our fingers.

Sweet baby Misha
Raia and Asya and I were thrilled that there was a baby at the Thanksgiving celebration! We all enjoyed him, and I loved talking to his mother, too. (I don't know what Raia was doing to Misha when I took this photo. Looking for teeth in his mouth?)

Most of the group
This was after Misha and his parents left. We celebrated Thanksgiving with most of Anna's team, plus a visiting teacher and his wife.

And that's just the beginning of our visit! We had a great Thanksgiving, and then there were a few more days of fun with Anna. That will be Part 2. . . .


Lindy said...

I believe those olives became "worm hats" as they wiggled on your fingers. Love, Aunt Lindy

Barbara said...

The olive picture immediately brings back memories of you, Leetra, Kristin and Kara at Olive Garden with all finger tips adorned in black olives. Fun times!