Thursday, May 06, 2010

Moving update

We were starting to plan on moving this Saturday, but Will bumped into our current landlord yesterday, and he said that they're not ready to move in here yet. So, we don't have to be out right away. Now we'll probably move next Saturday.

Will's putting in a lot of time painting and fixing up the new apartment. Of course, we could move in (and live) without that, but since we have the chance to do it, he is. It's fun! We'll have a really pretty kitchen, for sure, and I think the living room will be quite nice, too. Well, the whole apartment is nice, because it's so big, but what Will is doing really adds to those parts of it.

Our new little kitty is already living there, and I've included a few random photos of him.


Alissa Maxwell said...

Sooo much easier to do that painting and such before you move in than trying to navigate around your furniture (and little people). Go Will!

Does kitty have a name yet?

Mrs said...

Finally catching up on some blogs!

I don't know what I would have done had someone given my kids a kitten! You handle life's surprises so well.

Praising God for His provision on your apartment!