Monday, May 17, 2010

What a beautiful day!

I had such a happy, thankful day today! We needed caterpillar food this morning, so Raia and Asya and I set out to get it, and our day turned into a perfect “Girls Day.”

holy experience

A few of the gifts God gave me today:

438. Wildflowers just starting to bloom

439. Green!

440. Discoveries: "So that's why Tigger doesn't like them!"

441. Clouds of blue butterflies, fun when they land on bare little toes!

442. Little buddy, along for the ride
443. Wonderful, beautiful weather
445. A dedushka walking by, giving the girls some of the first strawberries from his garden
446. Sisters enjoying each other
447. Creative, interesting arrangements of wildflowers and leaves
448. All the work that went into making those arrangements
449. Very quiet nap time, after all the walking
450. Tea, tea and more tea. . .
451. In pretty cups!
452. "Mama, let's do crafts together!"
453. Little helpers, cleaning up
454. The golden light of the evening
455. All the work that "the boys" did, while we girls were having fun!


Baba Julie said...

Lovely girls! Lovely outing! Hugs and kisses to all!

Mom said...

Delightful pleased you have had this day.

Much love....