Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday school review

Today my beloved little Sunday school finished our curriculum. To review what we've learned, each child got to "retell" one of the stories, using the flannel board figures. Well, I told the stories, and they showed them. Little David even did one. I'd tell a bit, then say, "Is that right, David?" And he'd babble out some long, involved addition to what I said; only he could understand it, though.

Then they painted picture frames. I'll put our class picture in them, and give them back next week. And then outside on this beautiful day, to draw with chalk!

Now Alina and I will come up with three lessons on our own. At the end of the month Slavic will be moving to his village for the summer, so then we'll take a break until he comes back. (None of the other children come regularly enough.) We've had so much fun together!

(We couldn't get David into our class photo, but here he is with the chalk.)


Baba Julie said...

Oh, Phyllis! How sweet! I know you've enjoyed them and they've enjoyed you!! Will you resume in the Fall? Love to you all!!

Philip G said...

Why do your children have to go to school on sunday? Isn't that the day of rest?