Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening Post, issue 16

A photo from this week:

Big helper

Jaan... is obsessed with Astrid Lindgren. He spends his quiet times listening to her audio books, reading by himself, and then some evenings we've been watching a TV series on the computer. Recently, he was having a bad day, and he couldn't seem to think of anything positive or pleasant. I told him that if he couldn't come up with some good things, I wouldn't be able to do school with him. He asked if he could write them for me. Sure! A few minutes later he brought me a note, that said (with very rough spelling and handwriting), "1 It's good that you put Lindgren on the iPod 2 It's good that I have a Mama."

Raia... didn't have any more trouble with sickness, after last week's adventure. She's back to her normal, busy self. Most days she's a butterfly or a fairy in a costume that was a New Year present for her.

Asya... is also enjoying her fairy/butterfly/ballerina costume. She joins in with Jaan and Raia's pretending more and more, too. For a long time, our children tended to play in twos; someone was usually off playing alone. Now more and more, they play all three together.

Baby... nothing really new. I think I said a while back that Jaan wants a brother named Alfred? Well, this week Raia started talking about the name Samuel.

Will... is back to his usual schedule, after the holidays. Things have changed a little, though. Instead of having the church leader meeting on Tuesdays, they're now doing it on Sundays, late afternoon to evening. I like that better, but I'm having a hard time getting used to it.

School this week: We had a good first week back, but it was definitely a first week. We moved slowly through Week 17.

My books: I'm continuing Ann Voskamp's book, and I finished up The Flight of the Shadow, a George MacDonald book, that I started quite a while back. I also just downloaded Starlighter, written by our friend, Bryan Davis, for free! I don't think I've read any of his fiction yet. (I haven't started reading it yet, but I wanted to mention it, because it's only free for a limited time.)

...and knitting: I've just been working on my December afghan square, halfway done.

Weather and nature observations: We've had almost a full week of rain, I think. There were little bits of wet snow, too. The week ahead is supposed to be colder, though: it's always supposed to be cold for the celebration of Christ's baptism.

Other news, ministry, notes and miscellaneous from the week: I myself had a very quiet week. I mostly just sat at home. A few people came over, though. Jaan was back at music school, and Will was back to his usual schedule.

On this (actually, yesterday's) date in. . . 2006: I wrote about Jaan's vocabulary. Strange that even back then he was trying to speak Ukrainian!

holy experience

Just a few things I'm thankful for...
  • a quiet week to sit at home
  • the soothing sound of rain at night
  • little helpers
  • playing together
  • painting together
  • reading together
My question for you: How was your week? (I'm just repeating my favorite.)


Mom said...

What beauty resides in your cleaning pixie! Please tell Asya that her Baba is very pleased to see evidence of her helpfulness.

Love to each precious one...

Books For Breakfast said...

I love how cheerfully they help at this age. I would take a lovingly, scatter shot swept floor any day over a spotless floor swept by a grumbling teen. Love the tutu.

Baba Julie said...

I'm so happy that they are enjoying being fairies, ballerinas and butterflies!! They are so imaginative! I thought they would get a lot of fun out of them!

This week:Today on Grace Cafe we will have the co-author of Candace Cameron Bure's book, Reshaping It All! It sounds like it will be very interesting! Darlene Schacht, her co-author, has struggled with balancing her own life physically and spiritually and she and Candace want to encourage all of us in those areas. The rest of the week, along with other things, I will be getting ready to go visit my long time friend, Shirby! This is my Christmas present from Bernie! Love you all!!