Thursday, May 05, 2011

Home video

I'm sorry about the quality, and Jaan wasn't happy about his mistakes, but this is about the best that you'll get from us for now. And I do think it's cute. These are the pieces Jaan played at the recital.


Baba Julie said...

LOVE IT!! Congratulations to Jaan!! Great job!! Another musician in the Hunsucker family!! I'm so thrilled! Love, Baba Julie

Mom/Baba said...

To me it is BEAUTIFUL! I am delighted to see and hear this. Thank you, Jaan; thank you, Phyllis. We love y'all.

Anna said...

So cute! Yay, Jaan!!! I can't wait to hear a live performance in just a couple of weeks! I loved the bow, also. =-D