Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Searching for Jesus"

I keep meaning to post this, and just not having time. It's almost been 40 days! 40 days of Easter, that is. Throughout the Easter season, I have hidden a little foam figure that signifies Jesus, and everyone has looked for him. When they find him, we read about one of Jesus' appearances after his resurrection from the list I had posted. This year Jaan and Raia have really gotten into the the searching. A few times I've had to stop them, calm them down, and specifically tell them to think about how Jesus' friends felt in those days right after the resurrection. It's worked! We've had some good talks about how exciting and surprising and even frustrating it all is, and they really have been thinking. We've had a lot of fun with it, too.


Rebecca said...

What an awesome idea! We may have to try that next year! I'm already thinking about what we will do for Lent next year; this year's was so enriching.


Baba Julie said...

Isn't wonderful to see them growing in their desire to know more and to be able to take it all in! What a blessing! Love you all!