Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another dacha day

We had a great day at our dacha on Friday! Our neighbors had said that we have tons of apricots almost ready. Well, yes, they're almost ready. Not quite yet. The cherry tree was covered in ripe fruit, though, so we picked cherries instead of apricots.

Later in the day it rained hard, so Will opened "the garage" as a play place. There's a small building at the top of the hill that the previous owners used as a motorcycle garage and turkey house. Our children didn't know that it had a secret entrance for turkeys. () They discovered that, and carefully cleared out all the bottles that were stacked in it. Then they spent the rest of their time working on it and crawling back and forth through it.

My helper

Another helper

They're so weird! (and so dirty!)

He's weird, too

"Белые belly boys"

Crawling out

Crawling in
We sometimes say that the man who built all this was a real miner. There's a basement under the house that could be used as a bomb shelter, along with a tiny tunnel that he made to get his chickens from their home to the greenhouse, this secret turkey entrance, and a place where he was working on digging deep down into the hill for a root cellar.

Tired boy
It would probably do permanent damage to a Russian baby's spine to sleep like this, but Bogdan seems to like it.

After the rainstorm, we almost had to wade home. I should have taken pictures of everyone's feet when we got here!


Mom said...

Oh happy day!

Rebecca said...

"It would probably do permanent damage to a Russian baby's spine to sleep like this, but Bogdan seems to like it."

In Russia you'd get the Babas after you, in America, you'd have the Pediatricians after you! LOL I always cracked up about them lecturing us about us about putting the baby down to sleep on their back, when my daughter started rolling herself to her tummy to sleep VERY early (they couldn't even believe she was already rolling over!) :-D

Baba Julie said...

Cute pictures! What fun for the children to have a "secret tunnel"! And, LOVELY cherries! They look yummy! And, what a big boy Bogdan is!! I say, let them sleep in the way they are comfortable, too! Love y'all!

Phyllis said...

Rebecca, the doctors don't like it either. In fact, I think I signed a statement at the birth hospital saying that I wouldn't have him sleep on his tummy, but I'll plead ignorance, because it was in Ukrainian, not Russian. :-) All of our babies have slept on their tummies (very close to watchful parents!).

Rebecca said...

Pleading ignorance, I love it! I remember showing DH, "watch closely, I'm putting her down on her back ..." and whoosh, there she was on her tummy. :-) Now she is a froggy child, either with her head between her feet, or her knees up under her shoulders. :-)