Monday, June 20, 2011

Weddings and thanks

With Vera and Andrei

There was another wedding this weekend. Here, this time, so we didn't have to travel. We don't know the couple too well, since they are from a village nearby, but they used the church for their wedding, so we were involved.

A game and object lesson
(Squirting mayonaise out onto a plate, and then trying to get it back into the bag. It's much easier to say something than to take it back!)

I've also posted the rest of our photos from Lena's wedding. I still haven't gotten anyone else's photos to fill in the gaps, but we have quite a few ourselves.

And thanks.... It's been way too long since I've listed special gifts from God to me. I probably could (and should!) come up with 100 right now, but I don't have time to sit and write them. I'll leave this open though and come back to add to it all day:
  • the smell of rain coming through the windows right now
  • sleeping baby
  • purply-black fingers, faces, and even toes from eating mulberries
  • audio books
  • Oh! a cool breeze coming through the window now, following the rain
  • when Bogdan smiles in his sleep
  • Bogdan himself! I don't think I've thanked publicly since he was born, and I sure am thankful for him!
  • Ёжик в Тумане (Aw, shucks! as certain friends of ours would say. The cuteness makes me smile.)
  • days at home
  • the cool of evening


Debbie said...

I have enjoyed hearing about the games they play at the wedding/reception. They sound like they really have some good ideas.

Baba Julie said...

We have enjoyed the wedding pictures very much. And, it is nice to see how a reception is done. I like the games/skits idea! And, the decorations are BEAUTIFUL!! Love y'all!

Julie said...

hehehe. Aww shucks, I made the blog. ;)

Jessica Curtis said...

What a great object lesson! We will have to try that with some of our couples!