Friday, June 17, 2011

Bogdan wants... show you something:

He has a birth certificate!

Will got it yesterday. I realized that Bogdan is just about the same age Raia was when we finally got hers, too. Although, Will said this whole thing was nothing compared to that. (It looks like she was trying to eat her hands in the picture, too. Bogdan's main goal today is to stuff both fists into his mouth.) There is just one more step to go through: we have to see a city official on Wednesday who will decide if we need to pay a fine or not. Thank you so much for all your prayers!

Recently I was listening to John Piper, and he said something like, "If someone wants to know that you're alive, you don't go digging for your birth certificate. You just breathe." I laughed. Too bad it's not really that simple. Now Bogdan can officially prove that he's alive.

Bogdan also went in for his 3-month check up yesterday. I think it's pretty ridiculous that we have to take a healthy baby to the doctor every month, but it is kind of fun to know how much he weighs. I never knew with our other children. Only, this time, I don't remember what they said. Either 5.1 or 6.1 kgs. He's 63 cm tall. I looked up he American charts, trying to figure out which weight was more likely, but I still don't know. That's either 31st or 4th percentile for weight and 62nd percentile for height. The doctor fussed because Bogdan wouldn't stop smiling and babbling at her so that she could listen to his heart: he's too happy!

(Edited to add: Bogdan weighed 6.1 kgs at 3 months.)


Misty said...


He's adorable!

And I'm guessing by the chub, the 31st percentile is more likely so I'm betting on the bigger of the two weights.

We didn't go to the doctor for check-ups either. Do you have to argue about vaccines at each visit?

Mrs said...

Happy baby, happy day! So glad all is in order!

Mom said...


Phyllis said...

No, Misty, I wrote a vaccine refusal for all the way to 18 years old, so no one even mentions them. :-)

Debbie said...

Glad you final got the birth certificate. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Baba Julie said...

PTL! And, who could fuss because a baby was smiling and bubbling "too much"?? Sweet baby! Love y'all!

Jessica Curtis said...

Precious! He looks happy too. :) Praise the Lord that you finally have it!

Anonymous said...

Yay! that's great news! I hope all the babas are happy with Bogdan, as he's fat (i.e, healthy) and happy, which should make them happy.

much love!


Jeanne said...

He is very cute, that's for sure. Good to know he can prove he's alive!!