Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Growing and learning

Bogdan has been growing and changing so much lately! He's learning all kinds of new skills:

Well, that's not new, but he sure is good at it.

Papa left a piece of candy in a bag that he threw away. Guess who went digging in the trash and found a treat?

Using a fork
He seems to need to hold one hand in the air, like a fencer, while he works to get something on his fork. I was surprised to see him take off eating with utensils already. Here are some photos of him eating spinach and pumpkin with two spoons, too: one, two, three, four.

Playing piano?

Or just enjoying books. (The book in the picture was Jaan's favorite at this age.) Bogdan loves to sit on his potty and "read." He's making great progress with the potty, too. His vocabulary now consists of two words: "yum" from before and the new word "kaka." Utilitarian baby talk? At least he's telling us about two basic needs. He's also just taken his diaper off and headed for the potty once, but he can't get onto and off of it by himself until he starts standing, so I'm not ready to move him out of diapers yet.

Recognizing letters?

Bogdan loves to help! His favorite toy lately has been this little sprig broken off of a broom. He crawls around with it, sweeping everything in sight. He wanted to sweep the camera and me when I got down on the floor to take pictures of him working, though.


Joanna K. said...

Great photos! He's so cute. =) Thanks for sharing!

Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

So cute! Hmmm, I've been thinking about putting Matti on the potty, maybe I will!

Mom said...

Thank you for sharing this bright joy. With all the busyness, I am thankful you still have time to appreciate Bogdan's development. Love to each one....

Mimi said...

I love the photos and his interests are so well hi-lighted. Plus, his cheeks are adorable :)

Baba Julie said...

Phyllis! He is SO PRECIOUS!! What great pictures and they certainly show how much he has grown and changed since we were there. Can't wait to see you ALL again! Love you!

Melissa Macy said...

We are Americans that adopted 2 kids from Ukraine -- one was from the Vilynask' boarding school in Zaporezhia. A friend told me about your blog. I would like to learn more about you and your family. Please email me -- thanks!