Sunday, April 08, 2012

Holy Week

We've been reading Lenten Lights again this year. I found a Russian translation, that I've been printing out, instead of using my own. In between squirming, arguing about who gets to blow out the candle, fussing because it's Time For Bed (Bogdan!), it's been a nice to slow down and read the Word together these evenings. Jaan has been doing most of the reading, actually begging to be the reader, instead of waiting to be asked. After reading, we sing, learning the songs that they'll sing with the rest of the Sunday school for Easter. That's a very practical preparation, along with the heart preparations.

While the West is celebrating Easter, we're on Palm Sunday (Pussy Willow Sunday). Next week we'll be saying "He is Risen!" with you. For now, we're just heading into Holy Week. Here's my list of activities that I want to do:
  • paper palms (last night)
  • Today: donkey cookies (just because Raia found a donkey cookie cutter, and we can)
  • Monday: start this set
  • Good Friday: turn off the lights until Sunday morning
  • Saturday: make empty tomb cake, but out of breakfast cake, not chocolate (To tell the truth, I like an Easter garden better, but that doesn't work well with a baby and a cat. I'll still gather violets and bits of spring beauty, even if we don't make them into a garden this year.)
  • Sunday morning: red eggs and cake for breakfast

I've just been reading back through my old Easter posts and enjoying them. If anyone else wants to read with me, here's 2009, 2010, and 2011.


Tracy said...

I had no idea they had a different time to celebrate Easter? What is it based on there to come up a week later?

Baba Julie said...

Beautiful preparations! I found it very meaningful to read all the events of Holy Week, excluding the resurrection, last week in Sunday School (even though our Sun Sch curriculum had left them out this year!). The children were very attentive and it seemed to help them with the celebration of His resurrection yesterday. He is risen, INDEED!! Love you all!

Mimi said...

I'm intrigued that as non-Orthodox in Russia, you follow the Orthodox Paschal calendar.

A blessed Holy Week to you and yours.

Phyllis said...

Well, Mimi, all the non-Catholics in America go by the Catholic calendar. ;-)

Tracy, I don't know all the ins and outs of it, but the Eastern and Western church calendars are different, plus they calculate differently. It's not always a week off, sometimes more, sometimes less.