Monday, April 02, 2012

Poland, part 6

Can you believe that this is still not the end of our Poland pictures? We had one last day of exploring Krakow.

While we were standing here, Jaan asked, "How is it that every day we read about something, and then we see it?" How could we not, when we were reading about Krakow in Krakow?! That morning we had read a part of The Trumpeter of Krakow that mentioned Nicolaus Copernicus, and then we found this monument dedicated to him.

Up into Wawel Castle

And further up

I went in with the three older children, while Will stayed outside with Bogdan and the stroller. I thought we could just take a peek, and come right back out, but there was a whole route to follow. I would have loved to have spent more time in there! Of names that I recognized, Chopin and Pope John Paul are buried there, but the Polish kings and queens made more of an impression on us. We really enjoyed the beauty, and we followed a Russian tour group around for a little while, but we couldn't stay long.

This window was beautiful from the inside!

We went in one of the many museums on the castle hill. It was the site of an actual archeology dig, which was quite fascinating, but our little group was already pretty worn out, so I'm not sure how much they enjoyed it. They probably liked lunch afterwards better. Although, Jaan had been begging and planning to visit a museum, since even before we started out on our trip. After our lunch break, we explored some more.

I'm seeing a theme of Raia and doors.

The palace courtyard


Once again

That evening we went back for one last visit at the Glasses' home.

A sad goodbye?
They really were sad to say goodbye to Clarissa, and it was Jaan's idea to get one last photo together, just before we left. However, they were all so wound up and sweaty from running wild, that it didn't turn out too great.

And now the only continuation left to post, is how we got home from Poland....

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Baba Julie said...

Wonderful! And, I think the last picture is very cute and very much how excited children look! (: Love you all!